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Florida Flavors
Florida Vibes

Bring the taste of Florida home with Those Florida Guys rubs!


From Florida With Love

Florida-style barbecue is a mixture of various regional styles, creating a unique format all of its own. Florida BBQ blends techniques of the Southern United States with Caribbean flavors, vinegars, fruits, spices, and peppers, while making wide use of seafood and pork as well as beef.


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Who Are
Those Florida Guys?

We are just sandal wearing, sun loving, outdoor living, and BBQ eating Florida folks who want to share the flavors and culture of the amazing and crazy place we live and thrive!


We started making our own rubs because we didn't want to use the commercial stuff with all the cheap ingredients, artificial additives and fillers. Plus, they didn't taste like Florida!


Our rubs and seasonings are designed to provide impressive flavor without overpowering the food and give competition-level color and heat to impress your friends.


What People Are Saying

Brian from Florida

Flavor of the Gulf BBQ is great. It transferred its flavor well over different types of meat. I use the Gulf BBQ rub all the time and even as a topping for French fries!

Peter from Kentucky

The Steak Shake has nice kick and just tastes fresh. I dig the dill and smoked salt you guys put in there. My steaks and briskets are killing it with this stuff!

Eric from Florida

I go through more of the All-Purp just because of its versatility, you've definitely got a winner there with the Florida style sweet heat!

John from Texas

The Fin & Fowl blew me away! I was not expecting that lime punch and the chipotle adds the perfect amount of heat! Great for wings and shrimp!

Well done guys!

Kody from Oregon

The Errthang is fun to say and really tasty on everything!

We put this on veggies, avocado toast, pork ribs, pizza. Nice touch with the orange peel.

We love this one!


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