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Orchard Bundle

Orchard Bundle


Calling all BBQ lovers!


This bundle includes our three fruit rubs — Apple Smack, Cherry Kiss and Peach Therapy. All feature an amazing fruit flavor and some mild heat that will take your BBQ to the next level! Our SPF 7 pairs amazingly with the fruit rubs and Sunburn and Apple Smack create an excellent sweet-heat!


Apple Smack is love at first bite with a blend of tart fruit & savory aromatics that brings sweet apple goodness to your table and will have your tastebuds daydreaming of a lazy orchard stroll.


Cherry Kiss captures the allure of summer with a superb balance of sweet black cherry, gentle sriracha heat, and savory spices. Fruity, unique, and vibrant with every bite!


Peach Therapy is a masterful fusion of ripe peach, floral habanero, and savory sweetness to create a mouthwatering flavor experience that will take center stage at your table!


    Apple Smack contains cane sugar, brown sugar, sea salt, spices, apple, onion, natural flavor, chipotle, citric acid, rice fiber (anti-caking)


    Cherry Kiss contains sea salt, cane sugar, spices, apple, natural flavor, sriracha powder (garlic, pineapple juice powder, brown sugar, vinegar, turmeric), rice fiber (anti-caking), citric acid


    Peach Therapy contains sea salt, cane sugar, spices, apple, natural flavor, citric acid, rice fiber (anti-caking), habanero

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