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Citrus Bundle

Citrus Bundle


Calling all flavor enthusiasts!


This bundle includes three of our top-selling rubs — All-Purp, Fin & Fowl, and Sunburn. All feature a unique Florida flavor, a bit of heat, and have a bright citrus hit to add incredible flavor to your cooks!


All-Purp is a flawless blend of orange, ginger, cayenne, and brown sugar to create a unique, Florida-style sweet heat that tastes great on darn near everything!


Fin & Fowl boasts bright citrus and notable heat that enhances the flavor of anything that swims or flies and veggies too!


Sunburn is a clever blend of fruity habanero & tropical tang that immediately rocks the senses, mellows to floral savoriness, then sticks around with a warm glow that hurts so good!


    All-Purp contains sea salt, brown sugar, orange juice powder, black pepper, spices, garlic, cayenne, onion


    Fin & Fowl contains sea salt, lime juice powder, spices, apple cider vinegar powder, cayenne, chipotle


    Sunburn contains sea salt, cane sugar, spices, garlic, orange juice powder, habanero, citric acid, onion, chipotle, rice fiber (anti-caking)

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