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Those Florida Guys Spicy Pickles

We do not currently have a line of pickles, but if we did, this is how we would make them! Three simple ingredients and no extra dishes to use -just use the pickle jar! This will be one of the easier recipes you ever make, but that doesn’t mean it is lacking in flavor. This is not a recipe for making pickles, rather for using store bought pickles and making them something extra delicious with Those Florida Guys! Quick, easy, and packed of flavor, these unique spicy pickles can be enjoyed right out of the jar or use in other recipes such as deviled eggs, potato salad, fried pickles, sandwiches, burgers, smoked Cuban sandwiches, charcuterie, etc. Also, save the brine for an amazing chicken wing marinade!

Those Florida Guys seasonings used in this recipe:

Yields: 1 Servings | Prep Time: 5 Minutes | Total Time: 48 Hours



1 | Open the jar of pickles and dump about 2 tbs. worth of the brine to create headroom for the spices.

2 | Add the FL Fin & Fowl and the FL Steak Shake to the jar.

3 | Put the lid back on, then shake vigorously to evenly disperse the spices.

4 | Put pickles in the refrigerator and allow to marinade for 48 hours

**give the jar a shake 1-2 times every day.**

5 | Serve and enjoy!

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